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Hotpot is a popular dish in China.

Fresh meat and vegetable bleached with boiling soup then dipped into a variety of different sauces is super tasty.  Hotpot used to be a winter dish; eating around the stove with meat just off the pot, rice wine and friends is the perfect meal for a freezing evening.  Since the invention of air conditioner, we just find any excuses for such gathering, even on a 30+c summer night.

Before the induction stove, the canister gas stove, charcoal is used to heat up the soup for hotpot.  Despite its appearance, this is stove for the hotpot where a traditionally a chimney donut shaped copper pot would be placed over the porcelain stove.  Charcoal will be placed in the slot at bottom which opened up to the center of the stove and into the copper chimney, the copper conducts the heat to the rest of the pot.





DIA90xH90mm, Japan

Kutani Ware (九谷燒) is one of the representative Japanese Iroe (multicolored over the glaze) porcelain produced in Kanazawa, Komatsu, Kaga, and Nomi city in the southern part of Ishikawa prefecture. It’s traced back to 1650’s in the Kutani village.

 There are 3 periods in the Kutani Ware’s history: Ko-Kutani, Saiko Kutani, and Kutani. The ceramics of the three eras are all renowned and highly valued.

 The ceramics produced in the first 50 years are called “Ko-Kutani,” literally meaning old Kutani. They consist of five colors, blue, green, yellow, purple, and red.

This is an item from SOIL for the ASIAN FOLKCRAFT COLLECTION

Medicine Bottles

H90xD50xW30, China

Two two lion with pup figurines are in fact bottles for medicine.  The traditional Chinese medicine apart from the bitten tea, also comes in small pills and powder form.  Judging by the size of the opening they would have been used to hold medicinal powder.  Personally I find the powder form to be quite nasty, they tend to stick to your throat and the unpleasant taste lingered on for ages.  I suppose these sweet looking bottles will help the patients take the medicine.

get well soonHere is the modern way of what thoughtful doctors do …

DIA50 x H45mm, China

This item selected by Furze for the Something Old Something New exhibition and is available at both Mountain Folkcraft and Soil.

This Chinese porcelain tea ware is decorated with plum blossom, however, the white on the brown glaze just reminded me of Bambi.  Its not surprising that Chinese name for the Sika deer is plum blossom deer.

H110xW90xDIA70mm, China

Drinking game started in China as a form of a disciplined for the banquets, a discipline to enhance the atmosphere for drinking.  The first recorded game is one of archery, the loser drinks (kind of dangerous if you ask me).

Here is a popular game: Rod Tiger
in the order cycle of  Rod > Tiger > Chicken > Worm > Rod
the 2 players say at the same time starting with Rod-Rod then 1 of the 4 words, e.g. Chicken,  so it will be “Rod-Rod Chicken”, the player of the immediate higher ranking wins, the loser drinks.

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