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DIA90xH170mm, Hong Kong

For the Something Old Something New joint event, a bottle with lid  in real gold and blue barium glaze finish (not food safe).  Wheel thrown in one piece, lid is then cut from the body.  Gold is applied after the stoneware firing,  refire to a lower temperature of 750 C.

This dream like bottle made me think of Calvino’s Invisible City.


Medicine Bottles

H90xD50xW30, China

Two two lion with pup figurines are in fact bottles for medicine.  The traditional Chinese medicine apart from the bitten tea, also comes in small pills and powder form.  Judging by the size of the opening they would have been used to hold medicinal powder.  Personally I find the powder form to be quite nasty, they tend to stick to your throat and the unpleasant taste lingered on for ages.  I suppose these sweet looking bottles will help the patients take the medicine.

get well soonHere is the modern way of what thoughtful doctors do …

round blue bottle

DIA100xH180mm, Hong Kong

Thrown and cut to get the round shape with a good fitting lid.  Blue stoneware glazed first, then a few dash of real gold luster is added, fired at a low temperature at 750 C.
Then you have a bottle of blue magic.

Here is an interview of Chris about his love for pottery.

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