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DIA140xH250mm, China

 Today is the winter solstice.

The day of family gathering.
The day of feasting and drinking.
The day of the shortest day and the longest night.


H110xW90xDIA70mm, China

Drinking game started in China as a form of a disciplined for the banquets, a discipline to enhance the atmosphere for drinking.  The first recorded game is one of archery, the loser drinks (kind of dangerous if you ask me).

Here is a popular game: Rod Tiger
in the order cycle of  Rod > Tiger > Chicken > Worm > Rod
the 2 players say at the same time starting with Rod-Rod then 1 of the 4 words, e.g. Chicken,  so it will be “Rod-Rod Chicken”, the player of the immediate higher ranking wins, the loser drinks.

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