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brush standW140xD30xH70mm, China

An essential stationary for the scholar, a brush rest for the temporary resting of the brush, as well as the mind.  When the job is done, the brush will be hung vertically to let gravity dry up the brush evenly.  There are many shapes for the brush rest but the mountain is one of the popular form, they can be made from coral, agate, crystal, jade to more common material such as wood and ceramic.

W100xD70xH130mm, China

This sweet mountain is in fact a pen holder (particularly like the little guy on the top grabbing hold of the rock as if he is scared of falling off), this is perhaps one that is made for a child, like this water drip.  Like today’s parents, parents in the past has also wracked their brains trying to get the child interested in studying or at least stay at the desk.  See our other version at Ceramic Pen Holder.

W100xH50, China

This is holder for Chinese ink brush, the concept has been around for 1500 years (its hard to imagine otherwise as the ink brush is quite a messy object without it).  There are many different design and material, the ceramic mountain has been a popular design since the Ming dynasty.  Funny enough, there are brush holders that are named after mountains  but also also mountains that are named as “brush holder”, in Hong Kong (Beacon Hill), in Liao Ning, Qing Hai, Si Chuan, Fu Jian and of course the most famous mount on Huang Shan.

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