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brush standW70xD50xH20mm, China

Continuing with the stationary items, this ceramic ware is a brush holder.  A holder for the small brush, unlike the previous brush rests where they are lay horizontally, the brush here are inserted into the small holes and left standing.  The small container is for keeping a bit of water in case the brush has gotten a bit dried.  This kind of brush stand are usually used by the people who are writing all the time, e.g. the doctor, the pawn shop owner, the restaurant manager etc.


pen holder

DIA80xH420mm, China

This brush holder is in the form of a tree log, it is made with the stone is found outside of the mineral jade, the so called skin of jade.  As the material and colour is completely different from the jade, part of the “jade skin” is sometimes used as an articulation for jade carvings.  Here it is used on its own to resemble the bark of a tree.

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W100xH50, China

This is holder for Chinese ink brush, the concept has been around for 1500 years (its hard to imagine otherwise as the ink brush is quite a messy object without it).  There are many different design and material, the ceramic mountain has been a popular design since the Ming dynasty.  Funny enough, there are brush holders that are named after mountains  but also also mountains that are named as “brush holder”, in Hong Kong (Beacon Hill), in Liao Ning, Qing Hai, Si Chuan, Fu Jian and of course the most famous mount on Huang Shan.

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