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bronze bowlDIA270xH150mm, China

Perfect for beating egg white, melting of chocolate or just as a fruit bowl.

In the old days this bronze bowl would have been uses to provide offering in a Chinese temple.
See our other offering containers; offering bowl, eight trigram bowl, bronze plate, lacquer dish.


tea pot

tea potDIAxHmm, China

  This curious barrel is in fact a tea cozy, it used to have an insulated lining but unfortunately that has been lost together with the teapot.  It is more common to see the ratten and the wooden version than the metal version.

DIA280xH150mm, China

This bronze bowl is engraved with pattern of flowers and the blessed kirin; the art of bronze engraving was first founded in the Spring and Autumn period (722-476BC), it was then used to document important events and notables.  The craft of bronze engraving is most popular in Beijing where all the famous engravers reside,  these craftmen are also known for their calligraphy and seal engravings.

Just found out from goggling about bronze bowl that bronze is suppose to help with curing vitiligo, hmm, wonder if i should bring the bowl back and give it a try.  Will keep you updated on the progress.

W140xH140mm, India

Shisha (originated from the Persian word shisheh which means glass) is a form of embroidery that is very popular in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi of India.  Shisha embroidery is believed to originate in Perisa in the 13th century and brought to India by Persianate Moghul Dynasty.  This form of embroidery can be found on garments, accessories and even for home furnishing product, the glass is usually paired with the colorful fabric used in the area.  This is a small bag with mirror shisha embroidery and tasseled with bronze discs.

DIA80xH100, China

This is a bronze compartment box for keeping small accessories.

I wonder if in the old days there would be a store like Muji selling a selection of compartments boxes for organisation of small items.

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