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Small CupsDIA40xH20mm, China

After a feast of  Chao Zhou food, trays of Kang Hu Te would be served in tiny cups.  They are equivalent of espresso for  coffee, a strong and flavorful tea best take in small dosage.  They are so tasty and perfect for the digestion that one would often have one too many and end up counting sheep.

Talking about Chao Zhou food, particularly missed the local joint on the building as our shop.  Unpretentious, a 4 meter square kitchen, one chef and one waiter, serving the amazing food for 40 guests cramped into the small rooms.  Sadly, the chef has retired and the drawnwork yarn shop at the same premise was no longer there.  Thinking about it is making my mouth water.

lacquer Bodhidharma

W300xD200xH800mm, China

This is a statue of the Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk who is accredited to have introduced Buddhism to China.   It is believed that he is the third son of King Tamil Pallava of Kanchipuram and arrived to the now Guangzhou area in Southern Northern Dynasty (470AD).  The most famous legend about Bodhidharma is his wall glazing.  After felling out with Emperor in the Southern State, Bodhidharma travel up Yang Tze River, arrived at Shao Lin Temple and meditated by glazing on the wall for 9 years.

He is also believed to have introduced the 72 Shao Lin super kung fu and here is one of them.

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