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Happy 2015!

Apart from being the first day of 2015, today is also the Japanese New Year!

Since the Meiji period Japanese new year has changed from the lunar calendar to the Georgian calendar.  Most traditional customs remained the same, mochi, bell ringing and the Daruma doll.

The Daruma is a representation of Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk who introduced Buddhism to China in the 5th Century, he was also well known for his 9 meditation, gazing onto a wall for 9 years.  The Daruma figurine is red figure on top of the pile, slightly rounded at the bottom like Bodhidharma meditating in the red robe.  Daruma is believed to bring happiness and prosperity and ward off accidents and misfortune and this blessing is renewed every new year.

The aim of the game is to knock off the 5 colour pieces below the Daruma while keep him upright and not falling over.  An upright Daruma at the end of the game would symbolize a success for his meditation and also good luck for the player.

lacquer Bodhidharma

W300xD200xH800mm, China

This is a statue of the Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk who is accredited to have introduced Buddhism to China.   It is believed that he is the third son of King Tamil Pallava of Kanchipuram and arrived to the now Guangzhou area in Southern Northern Dynasty (470AD).  The most famous legend about Bodhidharma is his wall glazing.  After felling out with Emperor in the Southern State, Bodhidharma travel up Yang Tze River, arrived at Shao Lin Temple and meditated by glazing on the wall for 9 years.

He is also believed to have introduced the 72 Shao Lin super kung fu and here is one of them.