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W200xH200mm, Korea

This is a mask used in the Talchum mask dance in Korea; the dances were in the past an outlet for letting out the frustration felt by the commoners towards the Yangban ruling class who were following the Confucian doctrine.  The stories of the dance often mock the ruling class by ridiculing monks, the upper class and shamens.  The dance would be performed at festivals, these dynamic dances are received by an equally energetic audience who would join in the dance at the finale.  This is a monkey (Wonsungi) mask made of paper and fur; in the dance the monkey usually plays the role of mimicking humans.

L100xH100xW50, Japan

To continue with the moon theme on the day of “moon chasing”, a rabbit is chosen for today’s topic.  In the Japanese folk tale: an old man was at the end of his life, a fox, a monkey and a rabbit came to his aid.  The monkey collected nuts and fruits, the fox catch a fish.  The rabbit could only come up with some grass, so he decided to jumped into the fire and offer his own body.  The old man touched by the rabbit’s act and reveal himself as the Buddha and save the rabbit.  It is believe that the pattern on the moon is casted by the smoke when the rabbit jumped into the fire.  This papier mache is rabbit from the 12 zodiac figures from the Sendai region.  The head of the rabbit is made to swing.

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