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cheeky maskW150xD70xH220mm, China

This is a mask for the female role (Dan) in the Chinese theatre.
The diva.
Strangely, it is not portrayed as a beautiful female but a rather comical.  This is because the mask is that of a Cai Dan (the clown).  Like all good theatre, the clown is essential.

Within the dan catagory there were the Gui Men Dan (known for the singing), the Hua Dan (specialized in movement and speech), the Wu Dan (the Chinese version of Laura Croft), Lao Dan (the older women) and Cai Dan (the clown).

In this clip you will the beautiful Xi Shi (Hua Dan), followed by the comical Dong Shi (Cai Dan) and mother (Lao Dan)



shadow puppe

W150xH380mm, China

A warrior of the Hua county in the Shaan Xi province., it is said that Chinese shadow puppetry originated from this county.  Shadow puppet theater started its form as a Taoist court ceremony  where illusion, shadows, dreams and a bit of imagination formed the idea of after death for the ancient emperor.  As time goes by, the religious ceremony took a form as entertainment for the emperor and thus shadow puppet theatre began.  The fashion from the courts later was copied by the nobles and then the wealthy, and to the masses.  The Hua school of shadow puppet are small and very finely made, it is believed that the tradition came from entertaining small party of the court.


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