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DIA280xH150mm, China

This bronze bowl is engraved with pattern of flowers and the blessed kirin; the art of bronze engraving was first founded in the Spring and Autumn period (722-476BC), it was then used to document important events and notables.  The craft of bronze engraving is most popular in Beijing where all the famous engravers reside,  these craftmen are also known for their calligraphy and seal engravings.

Just found out from goggling about bronze bowl that bronze is suppose to help with curing vitiligo, hmm, wonder if i should bring the bowl back and give it a try.  Will keep you updated on the progress.

W70xL140xH50mm, China

Dont be mislead by the tabloid title, this is in fact a piece of stationary, a copper box for keeping seals and seal paste.  In China seal was the form of  identification, a bit like the rubber stamp which is officially recognized.  The seal of the Emperor would represent the Emperor himself.  In the old days, most people will at least own a set of personal seal, but for artist and intellectuals they will own also a leisure set and a studio set, for each set there will be a collection of a seals.  There are a long culture for seals; the stone, the text, the design and the craftsmanship are all  refined and specialized.

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