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DIA230mm, China

When glass is all round us nowadays, windows, curtain wall building, tables, etc, though they are often at the edge of technology their magic seems to have disappeared.  Somehow, this glass bead necklace seems to be able to reclaim some of that magic.  The shine of the beads are almost pearl like with a spark of translucency.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection


W200xL200mm, China

There are 2 lucky symbols on this glass bead mate; the Swastika signs at the corner and the longevity sign in the middle.  The 卐 (Swastika) sign has been passed on to China along with ancient Indian Buddhism religion.  In the 7th century, the Tang Empress Wu Ze Tian, ordered for its inclusion as a Chinese character, selected the right spinning version, to be pronounced as Wan with the meaning “the focal point of blessing from all direction”.  Since then apart from its original Buddhism uses, 卐 was also used as a household blessing symbol from embroidery to pottery and architectural decorations, the symbol also become more graphic and elaborated.  Longevity, has long been a symbol the Chinese adores for decoration.  This symbol on the beaded mate is one generated from the typography of the word Shou (longevity).

L400xW100mm, China

The lady’s headband, Mei Lei, was most popular in Ming and Qing dynasty.  Thanks to the television drama, it is often associated as the costume of the granny, Mei Lei actually was a very fashionable item for women of all ages.  When it was at the height of fashion many style of Mei Lei appeared; black silk with gemstone, cloth patchwork with pearl, gold and gemstone, cloth or silk with embroidery, fur with gemstone, beaded, etc.  Like the snuff bottle for men, the headband was an accessory of status symbol.  As a functional item, the Mei Lei can keep the hair tidy as well as keep warm.  This particular Mei Lei is made of glass bead with a cloth lining on the inside.

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