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W100xL300xH300mm, Hong Kong

Inspired by the Han dynasty wooden horse, this white horse is constructed entirely with paper.

Horses were highly priced in the Han dynasty (200 B.C. – 220 A.D.). The use of war chariots started in the Warring State period (450 B.C.) and gradually replaced by cavalry in the Han dynasty. This change was brought about by the discovered of the heavenly horses, a superior breed that is found in the Feghana Basin (today’s Afghanistan). Failing to obtain these horse peacefully, lengthy wars took place; Chang An, the capital of Han, is far far away from Feghana Basin (some 2000km away, that is if we take the plane, and much more by foot). The long journey was exhausting and food soon ran out, by time the Han army reaches the Feghana Basin, the starving troops were defeated even by the smaller war lords. General Li Guang Li, led the remaining of his men back to Chang An. The emperor gave the general a larger army and a large supply of food and sent off again. This time they reach the Dayuan capital, Khujand, with no difficulties. The Han army was no match with the enemy, half the men was killed in the first battle. General Li changed his plan and instead of fighting with the Dayuan, he succeeded in cutting off the water supply to the city. Within the city the nobles revolted against the ruler and offered a tribute of 3000 heavenly horses.


jade badge

badgeW60xH75xD10mm, China

Before the appearance of the iphone, a treaured object that would be kept in the pocket, hang by the waist.  An object that one would take out in idle moments to gaze upon, to touch and to cherish.


W130xH160mm, Hong Kong

A papercut out.

Portrait of a child.

Reminded me of my childhood outfit for Chinese New Year.
Covered in head to in red traditional costume.

figurineL160xD100xH120mm, China

A Shi Wan figurine of a gentlemen admiring a piece of inkstone, on the bench is an armrest for calligraphy.  He is Su Dong Po, a very known scholar of the Sung dynasty, also well known is the recipe for double cooked pork belly.  Amongst the inkstone collectors, Dong Po is a inkstone fanatic and his dispersed collection is well thought after by many today.

A good sword is well treasured by a martial artist, like a mirror to a beauty and an inkstone for a calligrapher.   When Dong Po was a boy, he found a green piece of stone which is perfect for testing ink, realizing its a rare find his father had it made into an inkstone for his son.  Dong Po had it by his side throughout his career and treasured it so much that he inscribed a piece of writing on the back of the stone, the famous “sky stone”.  Knowing of his hobby, the emperor also rewarded him with other good pieces of inkstones.


DIA150mm, Hong Kong

Another one of a kind necklace fresh from our workshop.
Inspired by the goji berries.


Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

golden wood carvingL300xD45xH65mm, China

The composition of plum blossom and bird is a popular theme for Chinese crafts.

Not only it this a yearly event when the birds come to party and feast when the plum blossom, it also has a symbolic meaning.  A play on the phase 喜上眉梢 (xi shang mei shao), one is so happy that joy is expressed when in the eye brow.  You might wonder what a facial express has to do with plum blossom and bird.  The bird is 喜鵲 pica pica (magpie), its climbing on the plum branch 喜上梅梢 (xi shang mei que) has the same pronunciation has this uncontrollable joy.


DIA200mm, China

Another necklace for causal wear.
Colourful glass beads matches with outfits or pick up on black and white.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection


W160xH130mm, Hong Kong

A paper cutout card of a mother monkey grooming her baby.

wine cupDIA60xH50mm, China

A small wine cup with the word “壽” – longevity.

With every sip, every bottoms up, every toast, may we wish you good health and longevity!


A necklace of layering, of intertwining.
Like exotic fruits on a ivy.

Handmade and unique.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

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