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cardW110xH150mm, Hong Kong

The scene of the paper cutout card is taken from Beijing Opera – Wen Zhao Guan.

The story is set in the end of the Spring and Autumn Period (485BC), due to political slander Chu State offical Wu was under warrant while his father and brother was being executed.  Wu was hoping to escape to the neighbour Wu State but at the check point (Zhao Guan) he saw his arrest warrant on the wall.  Hermit Dong met him in the mountain and recognize that he was the wanted man but felt the unjust upon Wu and hid him in his home.  For 7 days, Dong entertainment him talking about all sorts but not a word about the escape, Wu lost patient as he had planned to rebuild his power and revenge for his family and hanging around is like torture.  Dong calm him down and said it was all planned out and that they were just waiting for a person.  That night Wu was restless, he had the urge to leave and to move on  but he was worry for his arrest at the gate.  After a night of anxious tournament all his hair has turned grey, his was even more trouble but Dong was happy that his planned has worked out.  Dong has a royalty friend Huang, who looked very much like Wu, Huang would pretend to be Wu and when the 3 of them cross the gate, the guard will only concentrate on Huang, now that Wu has a whole head of grey hair he was disregarded.




W160xH130mm, Hong Kong

A paper cutout card of a mother monkey grooming her baby.


W130xH160mm, Hong Kong

For the cat lovers, a paper cutout of a cat.
Mounted on a card.

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