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One day a rabbit boost on how fast he could run and laughed at the turtle being so slow.  The turtle challenged him to a race, taking it as a joke the proud rabbit took on the challenge.  The rabbit hopped off while the turtle slowly crawl,  half way through the rabbit got bored and decided to take a nap.  The dream was so sweet, the rabbit slept deeply while the turtle crawl passed him.  When the bunny wakes up this was already dark, he ran as fast as he could to the finish line and there the turtle was waiting for him.

Happy Easter Bunny!




L600mm, Hong Kong

Still looking for an unique piece of stole to wear for this X’mas and New Year celebration?

With the center of the piece hanging around the back of the neck, the two decorative ends are parallel to each other in the front.


Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

jade badge

badgeW60xH75xD10mm, China

Before the appearance of the iphone, a treaured object that would be kept in the pocket, hang by the waist.  An object that one would take out in idle moments to gaze upon, to touch and to cherish.

W100xL300mm, China

This is a silk embroidered wallet, He Bao (荷包).  For a long time, I thought the word He has to do with lotus (荷花) but in fact its from the word (负荷) – loading.  In the old days (this going back to Han dynasty), there are no pockets in the Chinese costumes, these He Bao are developed to keep essential items such as the seal, money, handkerchiefs, etc.  In the beginning they are more of a concept for a small sack that are made of leather, can be hung by the waist, carried by hand or as a small rucksack.  By Qing dynasty, they became a popular fashion accessory, made of silk and embroidered.  They will be hang or kept at the waist band, apart from the wallet, the fashionable gentleman would also have in his waist band, a hand fan, aromatic sac, pocket knife etc.  This is folding He Bao, one of the embroidery side would hang out of the waist band while the other 2 flaps securely tuck in.  Embroidered on the wallets are word of blessings; happiness, good fortune, longevity, 5 generations together.

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