moon cakeW70xL70xH25mm, Hong Kong

This is a ceramic paper weight made in the shape of a moon cake.

Today is the 15th of lunar August, the middle of autumn when the moon is at its fullest.  Since the Zhou dynasty people has started to worship and celebrate the moon on this night.  Food, such as moon cake, water melon, apple, dates, plums and grapes will be offer to the moon on an alter together with candles.  Today, for most people the moon festival is about the appreciation of the moon, a time for family reunion and of course a feast.

As people becomes more health conscious in recent years, the once a year of loaded sugar and cholesterol is too much for some, the sales of moon cake has started to decline.  However, they have found another target customer – doggy mooncake, mooncake made especially for the man’s best friend.  Looks like they have found spotted the right target!