L350xW190xH200mm, China

A wood carving of a duck with hand painted feathers.

I am afraid there is no Chinese legends of ducks but only recipes …

Cantonese Roast Duck


  • 1 duck
  • 1 tbs of honey
  • Chinese spiced salt


  1. set up an area where you can hang the duck for 8 – 12 hours (e.g. over the sink, etc.)
  2. fill up the kettle and put it on.
  3. spoon out 1 tbs of honey and put the spoon in a mug.
  4. wash the duck and clean out all the giblets
  5. pour half a mug of hot water into the honey containing mug.
  6. in an unplugged sink, carefully pour the rest of the boiling water over the outside of the duck, you will notice the skin will tighten up as the water touches.
  7. hang the duck and pour the honey water over the skin.
  8. leave the duck alone for 8 – 12 hours
  9. in a preheated oven  roast the duck breast side up for 20 mins at 180c, turn it over and roast for another 20 mins, then breast side up again for another 20 mins.
  10. leave to rest for 15 mins if you can resist the temptation, carve it out, sprinkle with salt and enjoy!