DIA210xH30mm, China

This plate gave me an impression that it is not Chinese, this feeling most likely came from the scribbling scripts on the plate which resembles a foreign language.  But on closer inspection, there is a mark on ten o’clock which inscribed the word 熏.  This happened to plates that were quite common, a mark for identifying your own if they were to be mixed up in a lot of similar ones.

The pattern on the center, two, four, six, eight and then o’clock resembles a flower, as sunflower is not a common object on Chinese pottery, it would be fair to assume that it is a chrysanthemum.  Looking at the scribble again, there seems to be a repeating icon which makes the language again unlikely.  Scrolling foliage pattern is typical for Chinese floral pattern, basing on this i started by search and this is probably what the original designed was like and after years of abstraction by the village craftman, the design has transformed itself altogether.