hatRIM DIA160mm, China

On the Tea Horse Route, there are gangs of horse cavavanners who take up the job for transporting goods through the network of narrow mountain pathway from Yunnan.  Their routes connects Beijing and other big Chinese cities to Tibet, South East Asia, India, Africa and Europe.  They were the main form of trade transport before the arrival of railways and roads.  Nevertheless, even today, they cavavanners are still the main porters for the Pu Erh tea of Yunnan.

The life of the cavavanners take up a lot of hardship; camping at where ever they stop, taking care of the goods and the horses, facing all sorts of danger and unexpected danger on their journey.  All these made the groups unite and willful, not only do they look out for their gang members but also other gangs.  The palm fiber hat is part of the gang costume that unified the group.