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Opium Scale

L180xD90xH20mm, Thailand

For the Asian Folkcraft Collection, we have another tool – an opium scale.  This old scale is neatly set inside a teakwood case with carving on both side.

The scale is to be completed with a set of opium weights.

paper mache cow

W90xL200xH230mm, Myanmar

Burmese paper mache is usually made by applying layers of thin, tough, paper and rice paste to a clay model of an elephant.  After drying for a day or two, the object is then given a coat of white paint. The body is painted with brightly coloured enamel paints.

These paper maches are not only toys.  A donor may commission objects in different shapes for presentation to a pagoda or monastery on special occasions.    They are usually made by craftsmen or their families in the vicinity of the pagodas.

This animal paper mache collection from SOIL is avaible at Mountain Folkcraft during the ASIAN FOLKCRAFT event.

Fabric Stamp

fabric stamp

W150xL110xD70mm, India

Today for the ASIAN FOLKCRAFT we have a tool.

This is a well used piece of bunta, the wooden stamp used for fabric printng in India.

This beautiful video explains how the stamp is carved and how the printing is done.

burmese betel boxDIA60xH50mm, Myanmar

For the first item of the Asian Folkcraft Collection, we have a miniature of Burmese’s traditional lacquer betel box from SOIL.

 Betel, tobacco and pickled tea is an expression in Burmese language that speaks of hospitality and welcomes a visitor to one’s home.

 The circular betel box at first glance, looks solid, but is in reality nicely fitted with a lid over a small container for holding betel nut. The top of the bowl is fitted with two shallow trays, one on top of the other. The upper tray has four little cups to hold ingredients for making betel nuts: cloves, cutch, and seeds, shredded wild Licorice or sweet creeper.

 In the second tray is a layer of dried tobacco leaves. Only when the tray is taken out of the main bowl are green fresh betel leaves revealed.



Display all set up!  Crafts from all over asia; China,  India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

We are open 10:00-18:30, close Sunday and Public Holdiay





Come to see a collection of folkcraft from all over asia; China,  India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

maio bag

W300xL250mm, China

When I saw this bag,  I felt the tribal craft has really adapted to the new material and function.  Carrying on the bold embroidery tradition, it  has also made use of fluorescent beads and pom-poms, compartments for wallets and travelling pass.

W180xD150xH250mm, China

This is an iron figurine of the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha (Dayuan Dizang Pusa).  Bohisattva Ksitgarbha is one of the four bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism along with Samantabhadra, Manjusri and Avalokitesvara.  Between the period of the death of Gautama Buddha and the rise of Maitreya Buddha, Ksitgarbha is responsible for the enlightenment of all the beings in the six worlds.  He vowed not attain buddhahood until the hell is empty of all beings.

In this figurine Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha is holding a cintamani, a wish filling jewel, which came from the palace of the sea dragon.  The cintamani has a capacity of relieve suffering and illness, a symbol of virtue of the Buddha.

COBOIf you still havent been, hurry up and get yourself some nice pottery from the Cobo Ceramic Workshop!
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