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maskW150xD60xH240mm, Malaysia

This mask belongs to the Mah Meri tribe.  Mah Meri means “People Forest”, they believes that all mythological characters are supreme and that ancestral spirits use plants and animals to make food for humans.

The Jo-Oh masks are said to give spiritual power to the wearer during dance rituals, representing the soul of the ancestors.



Display all set up!  Crafts from all over asia; China,  India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

We are open 10:00-18:30, close Sunday and Public Holdiay


W150xL200mm, Malaysia

This is a Mah Meri mask used for the Mayin Jo-oh mask dance ceremony.  The Mah Meri is a tribe of 2000 people living along the southwest coast of West Malaysia.  Mayin Jo-oh is a traditional dance where the Muyang (plant and animal shadowless spirits) would join in the celebration.  The dance is performed by 5 women and 2 masked men in a counter clockwise fashion.

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