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opium scaleL200xW90xD250mm, Thailand

The container is beautifully painted lacquer.
Inside is a scale for measuring opium,
with the weights on one side and the opium on the other.


Opium Scale

L180xD90xH20mm, Thailand

For the Asian Folkcraft Collection, we have another tool – an opium scale.  This old scale is neatly set inside a teakwood case with carving on both side.

The scale is to be completed with a set of opium weights.

 L380xW100xD20mm, China

This was an opium scale, I believed that this is only a bolder name for a scale of measuring items that are small and expensive (precious was the original choice of word but would be a wrong one if this were indeed an opium scale). The scale packed neatly into a custom carved out wooden case with the pivot rod is made out of elephant bone.
For how a Chinese scale works, please see the earlier post Scale which fits in a bamboo case.

L550xW80mm, China

This is a chinese traditional scale used for measuring light weight items such as gold or herbs.  The scale work by the concept of a lever; the item to be weight on one end and the weight on the other.  The weight is slide along until the scale is balanced and from the markings of on the rod, the weight of the item can be told.  The small red tassels are the points for pivots, changing the pivot points will give provide a different range for the scale.  This is a portable scale with a custom made bamboo casing.  The earliest found scale was dated around 700BC; the unit weight for the scale has been changing since, this scale is based on 16 tael to 1 catty, 1 tael = app 37.8g which is the current unit used for the hong kong wet market.

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