DIA75xH40mm, China

This is a small pottery wine cup, its small size is suitable for drinking games where one would bottoms up quite frequently.

Here is a traditional Chinese drinking game;
The Slap 7 Game
A group of drinkers in sitting in a circle, each counting a number from 1 to 99, the first person will say 1 and the second 2 and so on.  On the number that contain the number 7 or the multiple of 7 (e.g. 7, 14, 17, 21, etc), the person saying it till has to slap someone else’s head.  The person who got it wrong will have to drink up.  Sound simple, wait till you have a few cups of Chinese wine.

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This item selected by Furze for the Something Old Something New exhibition and is available at both Mountain Folkcraft and Soil.