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L50xW20xH50mm, China

The Chinese name for this cute little chicken is “the loud crowing rooster” which was originated from the “rooster crowing pillow”.  The rooster shaped pillow was believe to offer blessing to the child; better sleep and a wiser child.  The Chinese believed that the rooster is responsible for pulling the sun out of the darkness, a god that extinguish the ghosts (rooster being associated with the sun and light while the ghosts with darkness).  Nowadays, the symbolic meaning of the rooster is faded, this is seen as rooster toy more than a protector symbol.

W60xL160xH100mm, China

Every child seem to have a horsy toy at some stage, whether they are big or small, rocking  or ride able.  This is the Chinese version made with clay and like most of the clay toy it is also a whistle making a horse like sound.  I like this particularly over the other clay toys as it looks half sleepy and totally silly.

Dog H20xL20mm, China

Children like creating sounds and Chinese children are no different,  in fact sound making toy is a category by itself!  What can more desirable than a portable cute looking figurine that can make beautiful sounds!  Both of these whistles have a tail at the end as a mouth piece, the second hole for generating the sound is located at the bottom.  These ceramic whistles are in the shape of a dog and a bird.