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W500xL450xH500mm, Philippines

This is the mystical chicken from Mindanao of the Philippines, a predominantly Muslim island in the south.  In Islamic legend, the prophet Mudammed found a bird in the first of the 7 heaven, the bird is so large that its crest touches the second heaven.  Its crow would arouse all creatures except humans and judgement day would arrive when the crowing stop.

The word “sari” means colour / garment, “manok” means chicken.  This is expressed clearly in the sculpture which is a symbol of blessing.

The Maranao believes Sarimanok is a totem bird called Itotoro which has a twin bird called Inikadowa.  Inikadowa is a spirit bird that is unseen and through Itotoro as a medium, one can access the spirit world.



D60xW120xH150mm, China

To continue with the chicken theme, we have a flower vase from the Ci Zhou kiln.  Ci Zhou kiln is the largest folk kiln in northern Chinese which dated back to the Song dynasty; it is famous for its black on white pottery (no, I did not set the camera to nostalgic tone) which was a break through in glazing tradition at the time, some believed that it set the foundation for the now well known blue and white porcelain ware.  White slip is applied to the semi dried clay work, a iron based black slip that contained iron is painted over to add detail to the vase, a clear glaze is applied after the first firing.

L50xW20xH50mm, China

The Chinese name for this cute little chicken is “the loud crowing rooster” which was originated from the “rooster crowing pillow”.  The rooster shaped pillow was believe to offer blessing to the child; better sleep and a wiser child.  The Chinese believed that the rooster is responsible for pulling the sun out of the darkness, a god that extinguish the ghosts (rooster being associated with the sun and light while the ghosts with darkness).  Nowadays, the symbolic meaning of the rooster is faded, this is seen as rooster toy more than a protector symbol.

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