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toolsDIA200mm, Hong Kong

New series of jewellery from the collectible jewellery collection.

Inspired by the traditional waist hanger which has various tools as both a fashionable and utilitarian accessories.  In this piece, toothpicks, miniature incense shovels, small knives and a comb are part of the decoration.  A decorative version of the Swiss army knife … ideal survival kit for the fashion conscious.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

L650xW100mm, China

This is a ladies’ silver waist hanging ornament, highlighted with enamel pendant pieces.  On the top three layers, small bells are hang making a delightful charm as one move around.  At the bottom hung 5 accessories; 2 type of knive, a shove, toothpick and earpick (a traditional Chinese style Swiss army knife).

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