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DIA165mm, China

This neckware is made up of two ponys old silver pendants.  These pendants have little bells attached attached at the bottom, similar to the previous Bell Necklace these were used as a child monitor.  The colourful band of the necklace has been put together by hand.

Something Old Something New
Collectable Jewellery

DIA220mm, Hong Kong

These cubical boxes were the ornamental bells that were attached to the long life lockets, they were the traditional version of the baby monitor.  When the bells are making a sound the baby is alright, its moving and has not wandered off.  This new composition for the Mountain Folkcraft Something Old Something New jewellery collection, somehow has a reminded me of John Hejduk’s architecture.

L650xW100mm, China

This is a ladies’ silver waist hanging ornament, highlighted with enamel pendant pieces.  On the top three layers, small bells are hang making a delightful charm as one move around.  At the bottom hung 5 accessories; 2 type of knive, a shove, toothpick and earpick (a traditional Chinese style Swiss army knife).

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