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 A pendant carving of the Buddha’s hand fruit (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis).  The shape of this finger like citrus fruit resemble the Buddha’s mundra and often used as an offering in the Buddhist temple, its also a symbol of happiness, longevity and fortune.

The natural sculptural shape of the Buddha’s hand fruit also made it a popular carving subject.

The fruit also gives a slight citrus aroma, when placed in a room its fragrance will refresh the entire space.

Thai Buddha

W100xD70xH220mm, Thailand

Mudras are symbolic hand gestures, without the use of words it communicates the mind’s idea which is more powerful than language.

This is a Buddha statue in the Bhumisparsha Mudra posture, with his right hand resting on knee while reaching toward the earth and the left hand lies on the lap facing upward.  This gesture is also known as the “earth witness” which is the most iconic image of Buddhism.  This gesture symbolizes unshakability and steadfastness; the legend goes just before Siddhartha Gautama was enlightened to become the Buddha, demon Mara called upon his armies of monster to attacking, hoping to scare him away from his meditation under the bodhi tree.  Siddhartha stayed unshaken and  continued his mediation.  The demon claimed the enlightenment for himself and called for his monsters to give witness to his superior spiritual achievements, Mara then asked Siddhartha if anyone could give witness for him.  Siddhartha simply extended his hand to reach the ground and the earth responded and giving witness for him.  Mara was defeated at his own challenge and vanished.  The next day Siddhartha Gautama enlightened to become the Buddha himself.   The serene expression of this figurine best captured this moment of enlightenment.

Here is a monk practicing more mudra gestures.

lacquer buddha on lotusW270xD180xH600mm, China

This is an old lacquer figurine of the Gautama Buddha.  He is sitting on a lotus blossom which symbolizes purity of the mind and body.  Though the lotus is rooted from the mud, its leaves naturally repel dirt and water, its blossom raises well above the muddy pool.  Under the lotus blossom sits a lion; lions are symbolic of bodhisattvas, being that have attained enlightenment.

The hand gesture of the Buddha indicating the banishing of evils (karana) and the gesture of leisure (avakasha).

At the back of the figurine is a secret compartment for storing scripts.

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