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W560xH340mm, China

Every year on the birthday of the Queen Mother of the West, 3rd of lunar March, there will be a peach party and all the saints will be invited and feast on special peaches.  A bite of these magic peaches will make one immortal but there are extremely rare, they take 3000 years to flower, 3000 to bare fruits and another 3000 years to ripe.

In the middle of the wood block print is the Queen Mother with two of female saints by her sides.  Below, holding a bowl full of peaches is the Monkey King who mischievously stole some of the peaches.  On the left side of the Monkey King is the God of longevity with his deer on the Monkey’s right.  The crane by the God of longevity is saint Dong Fang Shuo who was so obsessed with tasting the magic peaches that he turned into a crane in order to be nearer to the peach. The 8 saints joining the party are Eight Immortals –  from (left to right, top to bottom) are Philosopher Han Xiang Zi (with the xiao pipe), Philosopher Han Xiang Zi, Lan Cai He (with magic basket), Leader Lu Dong Bin (with sword), Royal Uncle Cao Guo Jiu (with castanets),  Iron-Crutch Tie Guai Li,  Immortal lady He Zian Gu (with magic lotus) and Elder Zhang Guo Lao.  Click here to see the symbolism of the magic tools.

This word block print will make an ideal birthday present.

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New Year Print Exhibition




L130xD40xH150mm, China

During rutting period, the stag will roar to both attract the females and to keep his harem of females together.

In Shi Jing (The Classic Book of Poetry), the cries of the deer is expressed as relaxed and natural atmosphere.




With pleased sounds the deer call to one another,
Eating the celery of the fields.
I have here admirable guests;
The lutes are struck, and the organ is blown;
The organ is blown till its tongues are all moving.
The baskets of offerings are presented to them.
The men lovews me,
ANd will show me the perfect path.

With pleased sound the deer call to one another,
Eating the southernwood of the fields.
I have here admirable guests;
Whose virtuous fame is grandly brilliant.
They show the people not to be mean;
The officers have in them a pattern and model.
I have good wine,
Which my admirable guests drink, enjoying themselves.

With pleased sounds the deer call to one another,
Eating the salsola of the fields.
I have here admirable guests;
For whom are struck the lutes, large and small.
THe lutes, large and small, are struck,
And our harmonious joy is long continued.
I have good wine,
To feast and make glad the hearts of my admirable guest.

DIA80xH60mm, China

No, this is not rudolph.  Yes, the red nose is missing.  For the Chinese, not only does the deer symbolizes longevity, it also represented success as an official.  This cute container is a the base of a mortar, its small size suggest its for grinding medicinal seeds or nuts, e.g. garlic, pepper etc.

L300xW120xH400mm, China

Deer is a symbol of blessing in China; deer in Chinese sounds like “lu” which means fortune and the salary for a emperor’s officials.  This is a bamboo weaved deer container, zoom in closer and you will appreciate how the fine bamboo threads are.

Merry Christmas!

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