golden wood carvingW350xd150xH200mm, China

Chi Wen, the second son of the dragon, like the Tao Tie and the Suan Ni.  The Chi Wen loves enjoying the vista and fire eating, because of this it is often found on the ridges of traditional buildings as a protection against fire.  The Chi Wen has a head of a lion but the tail of a fish, the legendary owl fish (which was likely to be the whale)

This beautifully carved golden wood carving is used as a decoration for the company logo.

You can take a glimpse of it in the film below, a documentary about a traditional cake shop in Hong Kong. In the first episode, the decoration construction for the Mid Autumn festival starts at 3:34″.  The pair can be seen under the logo at 5:05″, closed up at 5:10.

This series of documentary “May Food Keep Us Together” is one of my favorite, it examines the tradition, the generations of the family who runs these food places that are quickly replaced by the chain fast food outlet.