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maskW170xL230mm, Mexico

A ceramic mask from Mexico.

Masks are integrated into the Mexican culture; long before the arrival of the Hispanic influences masks were used in ceremony and ritualistic dances.  These mask festivals were performed to honour the spirits for these blessing of a good weather, harvest and general well being.  At the time of birth, adulthood, marriage, reign and death, masked dances were also used to gain the protection of the spirits.

As a well to control indigenous culture, masks were banned in the beginning of the Spanish rule.  With the introduction of Catholic and Christian religion, characters, stories and teaching of the religion were portrayed in the new mask dances.


DIA200xH300mm, China

This is a ceramic jar for keeping delicious food (a bit like a tuck box).  Before refrigerator became popular, food were kept in jars, pickles, all the special goodies for Chinese New Year, apart from the children this also attracted the ants.  In those days, this uniquely designed jar were a standard container in every Guang Dong household, it has a name “piss ant off”.  Here is the reason why; once the lid is closed off, water is poured into the trench to prevent the ants from climbing into the jar.

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