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W970xL970mm, China

This is one of our baby carrier turn cushion cover series
(x-stitch, patchwork, x-stitch).

Many years ago on one of the shopping trips to Gui Zhou, mother was on a bus when she saw this baby carrier.  The baby carrier was not in a shop but carry a baby on the back of a woman.  Falling in love with the unusual design mother jumped out of the bus and ran to find the woman with the baby.  On closer look, the pattern looked even better, the colour are bright and the design abstract and modern.  Mother begged the lady to sell the carrier to her so she can use it as a sample.  The lady was very reluctant, as the baby carrier is believed to be an amulet for the child, protecting him throughout his life.  After much persuasion here we are – a pattern of birds with flower!


W600xL600mm, China

This cushion cover is made with the “seat” portion of a baby carrier used by the Miao tribe.  Baby carrier has been a both a functional and symbolical item in China; it enables mothers to go to the fields while keeping the baby by their side, traditionally mothers will sew the carrier by hand, the embroidery on the carrier embedded symbols of  blessing extending their love for the child.  With the modernisation of China, hand stitch baby carrier can only be  found among the minority tribes.

W600xL600mm, China

This cushion cover is made with the “seat” portion of a baby carrier used by the Bia tribe.  This carrier is made with the patchwork technique, the coin pattern is made by folding strip of cloth into an oval shape and stitch over a colour patchwork.  Traditionally patchwork is a blessing for a baby, mother would made a patchwork duvet using clothes gathered from a varies families, wishing the child will have the blessing from these families.

W600xL600mm, China

This Miao embroidery started its life as a traditional baby carrier.  The cloth baby carrier was once very popular, looking at old photos I too have spend some time wrapped up in a much less elaborated version of it.  For those who are not use to carrying baby around with belt and cloth, the Miao has converted the embroidery as a cushion cover.  The embroidery is made with cross stitch, a basic stitching of the Miao.

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