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W450xL700mm, China

This costume belonged to the Sanjiang Dong Tribe of the Guangxi area.

The garment is made with handwoven fabric with brocade trimming around the collar and placket, a decorative embroidery trimming is added to the bottom of the jacket.  It would be worn as an opened jacket revealing the embroidered du dou that is worn underneath.



DIA200xH230mm, China

The oil lamp would have been as common an object at home as today’s light fixtures.  Since its invention 2000 odd years ago, it had took on many forms, style and decorations.  This particular one, would be a basic and utilitarian version.  For those younger generations whom has not use an oil lamp before, the ceramic part should here acted as a stand, a small metal dish topped with tung oil would be placed on the top of the stand.  A wick will be tipped into the oil with one end placed at the edge of the dish to be lighted up.

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