fire crackerDIA150mm, Hong Kong

A cheerful piece, like a bunch of fire crackers.  The sound of fire crackers  are symbols of festivity in China, particularly the Chinese New Year.

Once upon a time, the is a single horn creature named Eve, she is huge and bad tempered.  Around the end of the year, she will go to the village and cause chaos; fearing for their lives, the villagers will hide in the mountain.  One freezing winter, the villagers were on their way to the mountain hideout, they met a starving little boy.  They fed him with what little they have and brought him along to the cave.  The boy was curious why everyone, the young and the elders, is making an outing in such cold weather.  They told him about the Eve the monster and this is the only way to escape their death.  The boy told them he has a way of keeping Eve away, he asked them to chopped up some bamboo and to head back to the village.  When they were home, the boy asked them to pile bamboo pieces in the plaze and to hang a piece of red cloth in front of their door.  (Yes, I know you are wonder why they will trust a starving boy whom they found in the mountain, but this is how it goes …)  The boy told them to stay in door while he lure Eve into the village and at that point they would throw torches into the bamboo pile.  It is not long before the boy found the monster destroying the carts, the cloth seems to deter him from attacking the house.  Just as the villagers were about to throw the fire torches into the bamboo pile, Eve thrown the boy over with her horn.  The fire lightened up the bamboo and with its natural capsule causes a series of small explosion that frighten the Eve away.  When the villagers attended to the boy, he told them his name is Year and passed away the next day on Chinese New Year.  Though Eve has been scared away, the villagers feared her return, so on every New Year Eve, they would hang the red cloth over their doors and light up the fire crackers 爆竹.

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