bean curd jar
DIA190xH200mm, China

Fermented bean curd is one of my favorite condiment.  A savior for a day when dishes are blend, it gives a kick and spice up the meal.  Even with just a piece or fermented bean curd and a bowl of rice, it will make a good meal.

Using a firm type of tofu, with a specific mould is added start the fermentation, after about 36 hours, the first fermentation, the tofu is taken out and pressed onto a bowl of salt.  They are then left in a jar, removing the excess water.  The water are drained out and replaced by Sorghum wine and dried chilli, it is left to ferment for another 2 months.  The finished produce is then packed neatly into a jar to be sold.  When I was a child, glass jar has already been used for the packaging.  This type of pottery jar were used before the glass jar they are replaced by the glass jars.