throw a partyIt suddenly occur to me that not everyone might have caught on the relationship with pottery between the image of this poster and the “Throw A Party” theme.

We have been playing with the word “throw”.

To throw a party, as we know it, is to give or to held a party.

For a potter, to throw refers to form or to shape a piece of clay on a potter’s wheel.  Under the sensitive hands of the potter, the clay on the spinning wheel is centered and formed into the desired shape.  The center turning helps the potter to form a completely uniform circular vessel.  But why would it be call “throwing”?

  In old English, “thrāwan”, the word which “throw” originated from means to twist or to turn.  The Latin “terere”, the root of the German word “drehen” means to rub.  Where the Greek word “teirein” means to wear out.  All of which are the action of the potter for throwing the vessel, so in a way, the word “throw” has more to do with the pottery than how we ordinary understand the word today.