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W390xL70xH20mm, Japan

This is a Soroban.  A calculation device.  The Japanese version of the abacus.  The number of rods are always of odd number, starting from 13, then 21, 23, 27 (this one) and going up all the way to 31.  The more rods will allow for more digits in the calculation.  The beads on the rods are separated in 2 rows by the reckoning bar; on each rod below the bar are 4 earth beads, above it there is 1 heaven bead.  Each rod represent the same digit, with 1 heaven bead = 5 earth beads, so each rod can go up to 9 before moving to the next digit.  The Soroban is still currently in use in Japan, it is reinforced by being taught at school and as part of the entrance requirement to public cooperation.


W150xH150xL250mm, Thailand

A Korean legend about the tiger lily; once upon a time … there was a hermit who save a tiger by removing a arrow from his wound.  The tiger requested the hermit to use his magic to extend their friendship after his death.  After the death of the tiger, where his body lay sprouted a tiger lily.  The hermit got drown by the river and his body was washed away, tiger lily spreaded along the river bank as though the tiger was looking for his missing friend.

These are the first fake flower that I can appreciate, each petal are carved out from wood.

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