DIA120mm, China

Yesterday we talked about a representation of  the Xiu Qiu on wood carving (see Golden Wood Carving-01/08/2012), here is the real thing.  The legend behind the Xiu Qiu is a love story; some 800 years ago in the old town of Jing Xi, Ah Di was in love the with girl Ah Xiu of the neighboring village.  One spring, when Ah Xiu was shopping in the market, a rich arrogant brat had his eyes on her and want her as his wife.  Ah Xiu turned down the proposal because of her love for Ah Di.  When the wealthy guy was furious and bribed the court to give Ah Di a death sentence.  Ah Xiu was blinded by her tears but she decided to make a xiu qiu for Ah Di as a keepsake.  Before the execution Ah Xiu visited Ah Di at the prison and gave him the xiu qiu as a gesture of her love for him, at that moment the siu qiu lighted up and transported both of them to a place far away from their villages.  And of course, they lived happily ever after …  Since then it became a popular keepsake.

For its resemblance, the Chinese has also named the Hydrangea as the Xiu Qiu flower.