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W90xL260xH120mm, Borneo, Indonesia

This is a buffalo horn rice spoon decorated with a bird as a handle.  This combination reminded me of legend.  A long long time ago like all animals the water buffalo has both the upper and lower teeth in his jaw.  One day, minding his own business munching the grass as he does all day long, hidden in the grass there is a tiny bird with a beautiful tail.  Not seeing the bird, the buffalo accidentally stepped on the tail of the bird, the bird squeaked and while the buffalo bend down to ask what has happened, the bird’s wing knocked out all the teeth out of his upper jaw.  Both upset with each other, they cast evil spell on each other, the bird for all the buffalo never to have upper teeth and the buffalo for the bird to have the tail fell off.  The bird is the pimpikau of Borneo which has no tail and a lack of feathers at the butt and of course now the water buffalo no longer has any upper teeth.
Is this true that water buffalo really have no upper teeth?  Someone please confirm this?



This is part of the armrest detail for the Chinese wooden furniture.

Come check them out!

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