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L600mm, China

A wrapped around skirt of the Miao tribe.


The Miao tribe made their own costume, fabric from scratch.
Starting from the plant, making threads, weaving, wax resist painting, dyeing, making a costume.

Please watch this amazing documentary about the Miao and the hemp, it is a million time better than I can describe in words.

Fabric lovers!  For the joint venture of Soil X Mountain Folkcraft, Something Old Something New, Mountain Folkcraft is holding a fabric exhibition.  Hand woven fabric such as ikat,lime bean paste resist dye, wax resist dye, brocade, tie dye, discharge dye, patchwork.  Also featuring are the creations by artists from Soil; Cotton Car, Denise Chan, Furze and Seung.

Come visit us!

Wax resist is generally known as Batik.  Apart from Indonesia, south west region of China is believed to be one of the early development area of wax resist dye according to recent excavation reports.

Molten wax held in a special wax pen is used to draw design directly on plain fabric as a resist.  After the drawing work, the fabric is then put into a drying vat.  As wax is a brittle substance, dye gets through minor cracks which gives a characteristic batik result.

Si Chuan and Gui Zhou provences in China are well known places for wax resist dye fabric.

Wax Resist Dye Fabric are shown at the Mountain Folkcraft shop in the Something New Something Old exhibition with Soil.

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