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W410 X H550mm, China

Li Kui is a character of the Sung dynasty novel – Water Margin, known as the black whirlwind, he is well known for his use of the axes.  His bold and impulsive temperament led him to accidentally killed someone in his home town.  He was later pardoned and became a prison warden where he befriended Dai Zong and Song Jiang who also became heros of the Liangshan.

Li Kui is the no.22 warrior of Liang Shan, click here to meet no.59.

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clay toy

W50xD20xH80mm, China

Clay toys, like Disney toy, often take the form of a famous character, be it from a movie or an opera.  This figurine is Hu San Niang, one of the three female warriors on Mount Liang in the novel “Water Margin”.  Hu was the daughter of  a powerful family, not only is she beautiful she is also well trained in military.  After many victories for the family she was captured by the warriors of Mount Liang (108 outlaws that do good for the people) and soon she joined in and became the 59th warrior.

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