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sake gourdDIA70xH130mm, Japan

For the Asian Folkcraft Event, we have from Soil a Sake hyotan container with its own cup!  A more poetic version of the whisky flask.

Hyotan (Gourd) is a symbol of good luck.  This Japanese hyotan gourd is used as handy sake vessel, and complete with a stopper and a ceramic sake cup.  The cup is delicately made, and has a hand painted and gilded decoration depicting a village scene, with a traditional Japanese architecture and pine trees in the background.

Watch this video and find out how gourd could become so useful for wilderness survival.

Here are other gourd items in the shop;
Large Gourd, Small Gourd, Gourd Cricket Cage, Gourd Basket.


Crackle Cup

DIA75xH35, China

A modern day Jun ware cup.  Jun ware is a type of celadon which dated back to the Tang dynasty and its popularity goes from the Sung dynasty all the way to the Qing dynasty.  Its typical glaze has a spectrum of colour; rose purple,  begonia red, aubergine purple, rooster blood red, grape purple, cinnabar red, spring onion green.  Within these colours, there is a complexity of  colours within.

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