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Pewter guanyinH100xW70xD50mm, China

This beautiful figurine of the Guan Yin has unfortunately got his face distorted.  We suspected the damage was done during the cultural revolution when all artworks, intellectual works, religion was ordered to be destroyed.  From the denting, one can see that perhaps the person ordered to destroy the figurine does not have the heart to do it, despite the hammering the face is still vivid and the garments still carries its form despite being removed from the lotus throne.

W180xD90xH130mm, China

This neat container has 2 compartments for storing tea leaves.  Pewter has traditionally been material used the tea leaves storage, it is an alloy which oxidized more slowly then metal like iron or bronze and less reactive to the tea leaves which organic.  Tea leaves is known to absorb the smell in the environment, pewter being an odorless also has an advantage over other materials.  Last of all, it is easily shaped to create an air tight container.

DIA160xH140, China

Pewter was a popular material for the tea lovers in southern China around late Qing dynasty, at that time there were no electrical kettle but charcoal stove.  To keep the distinct aroma of tea, the teapot is only put on to the stove until the charcoal is red hot. The material of the teapot is also very selective, while iron and bronze could affect the subtle taste of the tea leave, pewter was seen as a better material.

DIA100xH350mm, China

Oil lamp was the source of lighting in old China, as the technology advance metal lamps became more common by the Qing dynasty.  It quickly became popular because of its durability over the ceramic oil lamps.  This is one of a pair of the standard pewter lamp used in the old days in the Chinese wedding ceremony.