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golden wood carvingL80xW40xH110mm, China

A mythical character in the epic “Feng Shen Yan Yi”  which described all the saintly figures, his name is Zhun Ti Dao Ren.  Zhun Ti was said to have come from the West, the land of Buddhism, bringing with him the wisdom and teaching of the Buddha.

The carriage of Zhun Ti Dao Ren is the famous Wisdom Peacock, Mahamayuri, the son of the Phoenix.


W40xL80xH80mm, China

This little clay peacock toy has come to join in the birdy collection.

H300x W190mm, China

To continue with our series of bird entries, here is a paper cutout of a phoenix (the mystified peacock).  For the Chinese, the phoenix is believed to be  the symbol of beauty and talent, an icon of blessing.  Its often paired together with the dragon, the dragon representing the male and phoenix the female (funny enough the more glamorous looking peacock is in fact a male).

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