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P1040706bW300xH240mm, China

Today, 4th Feburary 2015 marks the beginning of spring, “Li Chun” is the first term of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar.  You might notice that from today onward, the temperature, sunlight as well as the rain would increase, the cold wind would be replaced by warming breeze, the ground started to defrost, 5 days on even the worms would appear, another 5 days you will find fish swimming to the surface of the water.

For the farms, the arrival spring begin a new year of growth, this wood block print would be posted up in the manger to safe guard the livestock from disease and enable a lively stock.
On the left sits the God of the Ox and the right with 3 eyes, the God of the horse, next to them their officers.

The villagers would prepare a large ox figure made of clay, inside to be stuffed with grains, on the day of Li Chun it will be whipped into pieces, the broken clay would be taken home and put into the manger, a symbol that it will always be filled.


wood block print

W320xH240mm, China

There are different new year print for different blessings, for fertility, longevity, health, prosperity, etc.  This particular one is for the livestock and the working cart; sitting in the middle the guy with 3 eyes is Hua Guang, one of the 4 Taoist Saints, a powerful warrior against evils.  On both sides of him are 2 banners, 牛馬平安 (blessing to the ox and horses), 日進斗金 (daily income of 100g of gold).

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