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W320 X H490mm, China

If you notice from yesterday’s post, The 5 Blesssings, on either side of the print is a mother holding a baby riding on a monster looking creature.

This is no monster but a mythical kind creature known as the Kirin, Ki refers to the male creature and Rin the female.  It has  the head of a dragon, horns of a deer, eyes of a lion, the body of a tiger, the scale of fish.  Apart from its ability to offer protection to the family, it also has a special task and that is in delivering babies.  A bit like the stork’s role in the western world.  It is believe that the kirin delivered Confucius 2500 years ago.

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W1070xH1180mm, China

A wall hanger embroidery, use for festivities such as birthday for the elders or for new born babies.

The embroidery is full of well wishes;

Blossom of the Four Season Flowers – (Narcissus, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Plum) representing good fortune all year round.
Dragon & Phoenix – (Dragon a concept of mammals, fish and reptiles while the phoenix of the birds) the combination of the dragon and the phoenix is the totality, the perfect match.
Kirin Delivery of a Baby Boy – (legend of how Confucius was born) and of course every parents would like to have a son as smart as Confucius.
Ru Yi and the Birthday Peach – (man on a horse was holding a scepter and a birthday peach).  The birthday peach representing longevity while the decorative scepter has the name of “as you wish”.

silver brooch

W90xH70mm, Hong Kong

This smart silver brooch is made from an original kirin boy pendant, a blessing pendant for the child.  Legend had it that the kirin delivered the baby Confucius to  his parents; by putting on the figurine of the kirin boy, the parents hope that their child will also turn out to be as bright as the scholar Confucius.


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