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Jade huang is one of the six forms of jade used for the recruitment of the court, a little bit like the staff identification card of today.  Each form and its different material would represent a different grade in the court.  By the Shang dynasty, it is more of a decorative object worn over the chest as a pendant.

This necklace is made up of piece of a hetain jade (nephrite) huang, tied together in the fashion of the famous jade armor.

DIA165mm, China

 This necklace featured a piece of antique jade huang.

Jade huang is a form used for jade  pieces dated all the way back to the Neolithic Age, some 8000 years ago.  The arch shaped form started as a part of the costume for the sorcerer when practicing black magic.  By Shang dynasty, 1000 B.C., it has developed into a costume ornament which acted as a symbol of social status.  The fashion of jade huang ended and took over by the jade pei, a more decorative pendent.

This jade huang has a carving of a dragon pattern.