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metal lionsW90xL200xH180, China

A pair of suan ni, with smoke coming out of their mouths!

Like the Tao Tie, Suan Ni is one of the sons of the dragon (the 8th son).  Unlike the Tao Tie who adores food, the Suan Ni is a patient creature that loves the smoke from the incense.  He can be found on the large incense burners and also as a carrier for the Bodhisattva Manjusri.

These Suan Ni are a pair of incense burners, flip open the head, place the incense, light it, flip the head back and enjoy their smokey conversations.

metal lion


Incense BurnerDIA100xH110mm, China

This old incense burner has a very contemporary design, even the exterior has a glossy finished to it.  It would have been used at home for the worship of gods or the ancestors.  The interior of the burner would be filled with ashes of the rice bran, these would be used to secure the incense stick.  As times goes by the container will be naturally filled with the ashes of the incense.

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