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christW100xD65xH320mm, Philippines

During the Holy Week in the Philippines, starting from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, a number of religious observations were held.

On Good Friday (Biyernes Santo), the day starts with the Way of the Cross procession where Jesus’ Seven Last Words are portrayed.  In some area, this was acted out literally, those who had their wishes granted even went as far as having themselves nailed on a cross.  This is followed by the procession of the Sano Eniterro, where a wooden sculpture of the dead Christ is parade.  Scenes from the life Jesus were also depicted in figurines and shown in carriages around town.

In this figurine, Jesus is lifting up his garment and revealing his left leg, would anyone know which part of the scripture does this fit into?


W100xH240mm, The Philippines

The holy week (Mahál na Araw) is an important religious festival in the Philippines. The week starts from Palm Sunday (Linggo ng Palaspás), commemorating Jesus arriving Jerusalem where he begin his journey to the cross.  On Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo), the start of the Triduum, shops and business will be closed until Black Saturday, local radio and tv station will either be off air out of respect or broadcast only religious programs.  On  Maundy Thursday the Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be attended; however for the faithfuls who observed the Visita Iglesia, beginning in the morning 7 churches will be visited.  On Good Friday (Biyernes Santo) there will be street processions; the Way of the Cross commemorating Jesus’ last words and the passion play Senákulo, where the faithful men will portray the passion of Jesus Christ, his trial, suffering and his death.  As an expression of penance some devotees will self flagellate and some will even be nailed to the cross.  This is followed by chantings of pabasa (the life, passion, death and resurrection of Christ).  Near the evening dead images of Jesus will be parade in the funeral procession (Prusisyon ng Sto. Entierro).  On Holy Saturday (Sabado de Gloria), a day of silence and solem, at the end of the day the mass of Easter Vigil will make the first celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.  Easter Sunday(Linggo ng Pagkabuhay) is a joyful day of celebrations, life size status of the resurrected Christ and Virgin Mary will be paraded and brought to the first of the churches, it is followed by the Easter Mass.

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