W300xH250mm, China

 A wood block print about the story of the child fighter Nezha.

Ne Zha was born after 3 and a half year, came out as a lump of flesh, the flesh sudden glows and inside came a little boy.  His father, General Li, was rather worried at the unnatural birth until he was visited by a Taoist Saint, Tai Yi Zhen Ren, who gave the boy a golden ring at that can enlarge and contract by Ne Zha’s will (Qian Kun Quan) and a long ribbon that causes anxiety to the enemy (Hun Tain Ling).

Ne Zha lived in a Chentang Pass in the Shang dynasty, a time when people was sacrificing what they have for the rain.  They made offering to Dragon King for a good supply of water for the crops.  No matter how much food they offer, they receive no rain, the Dragon King instead demand for a boy and a girl as human sacrifice.  One day, at the age of 7, Ne Zha was having a bath in the lake with his 2 friends.  A sea guard was send to capture the children as offering, Ne Zha in order to save his friends defeated the guard.  The Dragon King send his third son, Ao Bing, to match with Ne Zha and this is a scene taken from the fight

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